4A “Hors Catalogue” (X students)

If you are an Engineering student at Ecole Polytechnique seeking a “4A hors catalogue”, where I would be your “referent”, then in order for me to be able to sign your “Fiche de demande hors catalogue” we would need to have a face-to-face chat.

In order to do that, please open a ticket below,selecting the appropriate category… and, so as to make the meeting efficient, do not forget to include the following with your request:

    • Your academic transcript
    • Your CV
    • Your ENEX “Dossier Hors Catalogue”.

Make sure to open a ticket for each programme, to which you are applying.

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Recommendation letter request
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EuroTeQ Grade Request
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Career Counselling
Internship Request
PhD defence

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A current Bachelors student at Ecole Polytechnique
A current M.Sc.T student at Ecole Polytechnique
A current Engineering student at Ecole Polytechnique
A current PhD student at IP-Paris
A current student at Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education
A current student from elsewhere
A candidate for an Executive Education programme (MSc Cyber, SSI, CISSA, ...)
A candidate for an M.Sc.T programme
A candidate for a PhD
A former student at Ecole Polytechnique
A former student at Executive Education
A journalist
A representative from the public administration, politician, etc
A superhero, who has misplaced their cape
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A current colleague from Ecole Polytechnique or IP-Paris
A Current EuroTeQ student
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Please upload any documents that you believe would be helpful for our discussions.

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