Yay! Bibliometrics – a 20 citations-in-8-months paper

I have previously written about how while bibliometrics may pretend to be “quantifying impact” of a scientist, they really do not. That said, it made me smile the other morning when I got a Google Scholar alert that our paper “A Study of LoRa: Long Range & Low Power Networks for the Internet of Things” had attracted 20 citations … in just 8 short months.

I am trying to work out what was the magic formulae that made this happen? Of course, I’d prefer to pretend that it’s because the paper is well-written, and because it provided one of the first rigorous, independent, studies of LoRa. I think that that’s true, but it’s probably not the whole story. The paper was published in an open-access journal (and, the journal editors actually did a good job), which I am sure helped. And I think that it was a matter of pushing out a paper on the “right topic at the right time”, also.

Oh, and by the way … this paper was co-authored by Aloÿs Augustin whilst he was finishing the 2nd and last year of his Masters degree in the M2-ACN program.

Either way, a good way to start a morning.