This week under the snow: interviews with prospective graduate degree students

With heaps of snow outside the windows, I and my colleagues are spending our days going through heaps of applications for the Ecole Polytechnique Graduate Degree program “IoT: Innovation and Management”.

This week: interviews with prospective students. A competent engineer has a “stellar academic record”, of course, but also embodies ambition and passion – and to discover that, it’s incredibly helpful to “put a face and a voice” on a written application, and have a conversation. It is, of course, also an occasion for the prospective students to ask questions to us, about the program, the campus, the school, etc.

Thus many long hours spent with Cisco Spark/WebEx getting to know some very interesting hopeful candidates, through this week. I think that the successful candidates from this first admissions round will get their good news “shortly” (but, no, I do not know the specific date).

While the competition was fierce this first round, we have kept a few seats open for then 2nd and 3rd admission rounds (application deadlines on March 18 and May 8 2018, respectively) – but space is filling up impressively fast, so don’t delay getting your application in. And, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

(With my colleagues Cristina Rotaru and Juan-Antonio Cordero Fuertes, during one of many videoconferences this week… )