Coming up in May: Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education certification program in IoT: Sign Up now!

The IoT – the Internet of Things – is among the focus areas at Ecole Polytechnique, and one where we offer various educational programs, as part of our (traditional, and very French) engineering curriculum, and as a 2 year international, English-language, and full-time Graduate Degree program in “IoT: Innovation and Management”.

We also offer an (accredited) 16-day “Executive Education” program entitled “Concepteur d’un système d’objets connectés”, which targets busy professionals, who wish to add IoT to their quiver of competencies. And, we are planning a spring session, starting in May 2018 – with a few spots left, so do hurry to sign up.

When we teach IoT, and especially so in the Executive Education program, we take a systems view.

We believe that it’s important to understand the technical basics – of course – of how a piece of embedded electronics works, or how how to use Bluetooth/LE, or IEEE 802.14.4, or 6LoWPAN, or CoAP, or RPL, or LOADng, or LoRA, or Sigfox, or G3, or … the IoT alphabet soup is long and complex, and we guide our Executive Education participants to understanding how to decipher it, and to make the right technological choices.

But, in addition to this “how to decipher the alphabet soup”, our Executive Education program is designed to equip its participants to ask – and answer – the hard questions, such as:

  • How do I conceive of, and build an IoT system? Apply design-thinking, choosing the right framework and middleware? The right architecture?
  • How do I design, and implement, bug-free IoT software? How do I ensure, formally, that it has the properties I intend?
  • How do I secure my IoT system? When do I need cryptology? And what “compact” cryptology can fit into a connected object?
  • How do I determine which technology to bet on? What are the factors and indicators that may suggest that a technology will succeed, and another may fail?
  • My IoT system generates lots of data. What’s the meaningful thing to do with them? What tools, methods, and approaches exist for when applying data science to sensor data.

Another trait of the program is, that each individual module is taught by leading experts and practitioners in their respective fields.

Aside from the resident set of protocol wonks at Ecole Polytechnique, who combined have 20+ years of experience developing the aforementioned “alphabet soup” of IoT protocols,  this includes…

Erwan Le Pennec, who holds the Data Scientist endowed chair at Ecole Polytechnique, has developed, and teaches, an innovative “Data Science for Sensor Systems” module.

Ben Smith, a renowned cryptologist, who’s battle-hardened from developing efficient implementations of cryptographic primitives on platforms spanning from 8-bit micro controllers to high-end x86 machines, teaches the module on compact cryptology.

Sylvie Putot and Xavier Rival have conspired to create the, probably, most complete overview of model checking, verification, and program analysis, and present a toolbox for how to build “safe” IoT systems.

Jeremie Bellec, the founder and CEO of SpinalCom, both offers an initiation to the concept of Industrial IoT and Fog Computing, and an introduction to, and application of, C-K Theory for when designing intelligent, connected, IoT systems.

This will be the 3th session of this certification program – which allows to state from experience that, in addition to “learning a whole lot”, it’s a fantastic opportunity for meeting people, for networking – and, for having a whole lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to seeing YOU when we start in May – if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me! And if you don’t have any questions, then just go ahead and click here to sign up 😉