Security is a journey — Seminar by Jean-Charles Griviaud from Cisco at Ecole Polytechnique

This morning, Jean-Charles from Cisco France stopped by Ecole Polytechnique, to give a master-class on Cybersecurity for our 2nd year students.

It’s always entertaining when Jean-Charles is lecturing — as well as frightening, when in 2019 we’re reminded of both how ubiquitous connected devices are, and how incredibly vulnerable they are … largely, but not exclusively, due to (initially) being ill configured.

A vast lecture, covering both the general “malware ecosystem”, an overview of advanced attacks, and a couple of “from the trenches” stories from a practicing security professional.

A big Thank You, Jean-Charles, for taking a couple of hours out of your busy schedule to scare the bejesus out of educate us and our students, on this Friday morning.