Roppongi: “Pillboxes, Club Smile-Smile-Smile, and Addict?”

This summer, I had an all-too-brief business trip to Japan — which I love.

During part of the trip, alas, I was staying in Roppongi — which, since I am well past the age of frivolous all-night-clubbing, I enjoy somewhat less.

Still, one afternoon, strolling through the neigborhood after the meetings of the day were over, I came across one of those “Only In Japan” things, that (Roppongi-or-otherwise) does bring a smile … a building housing several nightclubs, named respectively:

  • “Pillbox”
  • “Addict”
  • “Club Smile Smile Smile”

…well, I guess…props for a well-developed sense of realism?