Paper: Smart Route Request for On-demand Route Discovery in Constrained Environments

A derivative of AODV, denoted LOADng, is proposed for use in very constrained environment, sacrificing a number of features from AODV for the benefit of smaller control messages and simpler processing logic. Among these sacrifices is intermediate route replies. This paper presents an alternative to intermediate router replies, denoted Smart Route Request, which provides an optimization similar to that attainable by intermediate route requests, but without imposing additional processing complexity or additional signaling. A performance study is presented, showing that the use of Smart Route Requests can effectively reduce the control traffic overhead from Route Requests, while retaining the simplicity of LOADng. LOADng with Smart Route Requests effectively reduces control traffic overhead and on-link traffic collisions, and this especially for multipoint-to-point traffic.

2012 IEEE International Conference on Wireless Information Technology and Systems, 2012 – PDFdoi:10.1109/ICWITS.2012.6417755