Paper: Expanding Ring Search for Route Discovery in LOADng Routing Protocol

LOADng is an on-demand routing protocol, derived from AODV, simplified for use in lossy, low-power and constrained environments, where the ability for devices to communicate is a commodity to their primary function, and where therefore not only the communications channel offers limited capacity, but also the resources available to the device’s communica- tions subsystem are limted.

LOADng simplifies AODV in a number of ways, notably the route discovery process by removing intermediate/gratuitous Route Replies – sacrificing that functionality in order to attain smaller control messages and less router state and processing. Alas, this comes at an expense: in some situations, LOADng produces increased control traffic overhead (as com- pared to AODV), and more control messages transmissions means tapping into the device’s limited resources.

This paper presents a simple mechanism by which to integrate Expanding Ring flooding into LOADng. The mechanism is described, and the result of simulation studies are presented, showing that both in scenarios with “point-to-point” (any-to-any) traffic and in scenarios with “multipoint-to-point” (all traffic sent to the same destination, as in a data acquisition sensor network) traffic, considerable savings in control traffic overhead can be achieved – without loss in data delivery ratios.

The 1st International Workshop on Smart Technologies for Energy, Information and Communication, 2012. – PDF