Paper: Efficient Data Acquisition in Sensor Networks:Introducing (the) LOADng Collection Tree Protocol

This paper proposes an extension to the “LLN On-demand Ad hoc Distance-vector Routing Protocol – Next Generation” (LOADng), for efficient construction of a collection tree for data acquisition in sensor networks. The extension uses the mechanisms from LOADng, imposes minimal overhead and complexity, and enables a deployment to efficiently support both “point-to-point” and “multipoint-to-point” traffic, avoiding complications of uni-directional links in the collection tree. This paper further compares the performance of proposed pro-tocol extension to that of basic LOADng and to the protocol RPL (“IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks”).

In Proceedings of IEEE WiCom 2012, The 8th IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing – PDFdoi:10.1109/WiCOM.2012.6478508