Faculty positions in Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique (Deadline Feb. 28, 2018)

Just a heads up that Ecole Polytechnique has a few full-time faculty positions open in computer science, specifically two professor positions, one assistant professor position, and one tenure-track assistant professor position (denoted “Gaspard Monge Assistant Professor” in the Ecole Polytechnique nomenclature).

Successful candidates are expected to integrate into one of the existing research teams in the Department of Computer Science (DIX) at Ecole Polytechnique – and candidates are therefore strongly encouraged to make contact with the relevant research teams in advance of applying or interviewing for a position.

Teaching duties, for all candidates, will include both generalist and specialist courses in computer science, at all levels — in English.

The open, full-time, faculty positions are:

The official descriptions of these positions can be found here: http://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/Labo/Eric.Goubault/positions-2018.htm.

As indicated, interested and interesting candidates should contact the respective research team(s) into which they might want to integrate — for further information, advice, etc.

Interested candidates are also welcome to contact me, if they either have general questions, or if they need a pointer to whom within their given scientific domain would be a good contact at the Department of Computer Science (DIX).

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