Network and Protocol Performance Evaluation Tools

In network research and network deployment, a common asked question is: how can we know the network will work or not, especially in large and complex scenarios (for example, with thousands, or even millions of users)?

It is, unfortunately, not an easy question to answer in a simple a cost effective way. We need to build corresponding tools, such as traffic analysers, simulators, emulators, mathematical models, etc., to give us a correct estimation and evaluation of the protocols being used and being developed. It includes:

– Building new modules of network protocols for network simulation or emulation
– Developing new methods to import existed protocol implementation to simulation frameworks.
– Developing new mathematical models to study large scale networks.

Student projects (“PSC”, “Projet 3A”, etc.)
Undergraduate development & engineering internships.
Graduate research internships (e.g., “Stage de Recherche 3A” for Polytechnique students)
End-of-study internships (e.g., “Stage 4A” for Polytechnique students)
Graduate engineering internships.