Connecting Everything

The development of mobile technology and smart phones has made “connecting people” possible and changed the way people live. The next question is: is it possible to extend the network to “everything”, such as thermometers, coffee machines, air conditioners, heating installations, or even light bulbs?
In the projects, you are expected to work on the “dark” side of networks: a Linux box that can be put in your hand is already a luxury: you are going to face very small sensors and controllers, and try to make them connected to the Internet we have today. It includes:
  • Building prototypes of small sensor networks;
  • Building protocol for discovering and managing the small widgets in the network;
  • Making *things* smarter: being able to connect them and control them remotely.

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This topic can accommodate:

  • Student projects (“PSC”, “Projet 3A”, etc.)
  • Undergraduate development & engineering internships (apply).
  • Graduate research internships (apply).
    (e.g., “Stage de Recherche 3A” for Polytechnique students)
  • End-of-study internships (apply).
    (e.g., “Stage 4A” for Polytechnique students)
  • Graduate engineering internships (apply).
  • Pre-PhD internships (apply).
  • Postdoctoral fellowships.