Office Hours

With CoVid having inexplicably been declared “no longer a problem” by the powers that be, despite what science says, and in-office work resumed the 2022-2023 academic year starting, I am no longer holding regular virtual office hours. However for students and colleagues who need to reach me, these do remain the recommended options:

    • If you do not need an answer from me, then you’re welcome to send me an email. However the volume of emails has become such that I am likely to either miss it, or to answer way too late for my reply to be useful to you.
    • For anything important, but which can be done off-line (without real-time interaction) please raise a ticket here:  ⬅ preferred option
    • For anything where real-time interaction is beneficial, but can be done in writing/chat, feel free reach me on WebEx-Teams (it’s free, both to download and to use) on the address
    • If the above is insufficient, then you can try to book a (virtual) meeting with me. The below should allow you to see my availability, and to request a time-slot:
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