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Paper: Lightweight On-demand Ad hoc Distance-vector Routing-Next Generation (LOADng): Protocol, extension, and applicability

This paper studies the routing protocol “Lightweight On-demand Ad hoc Distance-vector Routing Protocol – Next Generation (LOADng)”, designed to enable efficient, scalable and secure routing in low power and lossy networks. As a reactive protocol, it does not maintain a…
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Paper: Depth First Forwarding for Low Power and Lossy Networks: Application and Extension

Data delivery across a multi-hop low-power and lossy networks (LLNs) is a challenging task: devices participating in such a network have strictly limited computational power and storage, and the communication channels are of low capacity, time-varying and with high loss…
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Paper: Depth-First Forwarding for Unreliable Networks: Extensions and Application

This paper introduces extensions and applications of depth-first forwarding (DFF)-a data forwarding mechanism for use in unreliable networks such as sensor networks and Mobile Ad hoc NETworks with limited computational power and storage, low-capacity channels, device mobility, etc. Routing protocols…
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