Internships, projects, … (X-Students)

The below applies to you if you are:

  • a Polytechnique student, looking to do a PSC, a 3A project, or a 3A “stage de recherche” or a 4A “stage de fin d’études” with me, or in my research group;
  • a student from any other institution looking to do an internship with me, or in my research group.

First, please first familiarize yourself with my research interests (for example, by looking at my publications).

Once you have verified that your overall research interests match mine, you should consult this list of project ideas. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of what we can work on together, but it should give you an idea of what I am considering interesting and in scope for a student project. You could also look at the list of actual open internships at my research team, as well as the list of topics that we’re investigating.

Do consider the above as indicators and suggestions. As part of the discussions, and if we decide to work together, a project will be constructed, within a topic matching your (and my) interests, and respecting the pedagogical constraints and requirements for the specific project type.

If you are applying for an actual announced internship, you must apply on the corresponding page on the site of my research team.

Otherwise, fill in the form below. Do indicate if there are specific prerequisites that you possess, if you have particular interests, if possible include a CV and a grade transcript – and, in general, any and all information that you think would be useful for me to have.


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