Martin Levy: last year, we fixed IPv6 – now, we need to fix DNS …

The always entertaining Martin Levy from Cloudflare entertained and thrilled the participants in the Cisco-Polytechnique symposium about how he didn’t get what the big deal about. IP4-to-IPv6 transitioning was: they’d done so, with no ill effects, and urged the audience to follow on.

This year, Martin was equally provocative….see below …

Yup, DNS is broken for IPv6, and needs to be fixed, says Martin Levy, then lays out how.

And, lo and behold, Paul Mockapetris – the inventer of DNS – was in the audience, which lead to an entertaining debate.

Paul Mockapetris – the inventer of DNS at the Symposium …

Debating how to “fix DNS” with Martin Levy:

Martin Levy discussing how to “fix DNS”

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