Smart Grid

But … How To Model Wind Energy? Seminar at Ecole Polytechnique February 23, 2017

The other morning when coming in to the office, I was met with this poster on the entrance door, announcing a seminar “Comment Modéliser La Resource Éolienne” (“How To Model Wind Energy Ressources”), to be held on our campus, in…
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Trailblazing electricity disctribution and renewable ergy in the 21th century

L’Usine Nouvelle nicely summarizes the SOGRID project, in which Ecole Polytechnique has been an enthusiastic partner. In summary, the pilot of the SmartGrid of tomorrow, which the ADEME SOGRID produced, includes 1000 households, 35 km of electricity grid, 300 “grid…
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LoRa: Ubiquitous connectivity for the IoT?

LoRa (as developed by the LoRa Alliance) is a long-range, low-power, low-bitrate, wireless telecommunications system, promoted as an infrastructure solution for the Internet of Things: end-devices use LoRa across a single wireless hop to communicate to gateway(s), connected to the Internet…
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