Paper: Chasing Linux Jitter Sources for Uncompressed Video

Beyond the transport of uncompressed video over IP networks, defined in standards such as ST2022-6, the ability to build software-based Video Processing Functions (VPF) on commodity hardware and using general purpose Operating Systems is the next logical step in the…
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Paper: Smart Route Request for On-demand Route Discovery in Constrained Environments

A derivative of AODV, denoted LOADng, is proposed for use in very constrained environment, sacrificing a number of features from AODV for the benefit of smaller control messages and simpler processing logic. Among these sacrifices is intermediate route replies. This…
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Paper: Stateless Load-Aware Load Balancing in P4

Together with my students, Benoit Pit–Claudel (X15) and Yoann Desmouceaux (X11), as well as my colleague Mark Townsley, and my good friend Pierre Pfister (X08), I have committed a paper entitled “Stateless Load-Aware Load Balancing in P4” — part of…
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6LB: Scalable and Application-Aware Load Balancing with Segment Routing In IEEE Transactions on Networking

Saturday morning, after a long (and, very constructive) process, came the long-awaited email from the IEEE: our paper “6LB: Scalable and Application-Aware Load Balancing with Segment Routing” was definitely accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Networking.  The paper is…
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Paper on-line “SRLB: The Power of Choices in Load Balancing with Segment Routing”

In waiting for the final version to appear at IEEExplorer, and on (surprisingly) popular demand, a preprint of the paper “SRLB: The Power of Choices in Load Balancing with Segment Routing”, which Yoann presented at ICDCS’37 earlier this week, is on-line for your…
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On “The Power of Choices in Load Balancing with Segment Routing”

Today, and at this very moment (assuming that they stick to the agenda, and I did time-zone computations correctly), our own Yoann Desmouceaux (X11), along with Mark Townsley, are in Atlanta Georgia presenting the paper “SRLB: The Power of Choices in Load…
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Woo-Hoo: The Cisco Datacenters Have Arrived!

Ecole Polytechnique counts among its benefactors Cisco Systems – and, enjoys a multi-faceted relationship with the company: Master-classes from their top engineers ; financial support for research projects ; joint PhD students ; continuous internship and undergraduate projects for our engineering students…
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