“Interference Pattens, the Key to Quantum Computing” – talk by Prof. Rodney Van Meter

During a quick visit in France, prof Rodney Van Meter from KEIO University, found time to come to Ecole Polytechnique to give a quantum computing tutorial, to present some of his latest research within that field — and to help…
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Paper: Chasing Linux Jitter Sources for Uncompressed Video

Beyond the transport of uncompressed video over IP networks, defined in standards such as ST2022-6, the ability to build software-based Video Processing Functions (VPF) on commodity hardware and using general purpose Operating Systems is the next logical step in the…
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A thousand thanks to Pierre Pfister, X08, for his exciting guest lecture at Ecole Polytechnique, discussing his work on “zero-touch home networking”.

It’s always wonderful when our alumni returns, and talk about their work — and on how their careers took shape after graduating.    

On “The Power of Choices in Load Balancing with Segment Routing”

Today, and at this very moment (assuming that they stick to the agenda, and I did time-zone computations correctly), our own Yoann Desmouceaux (X11), along with Mark Townsley, are in Atlanta Georgia presenting the paper “SRLB: The Power of Choices in Load…
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WiFi: too much of a hassle – Alleviating Pain with Constellation

Any business traveler will recognise this: you arrive, tired after a long flight…take a shuttle to your hotel, where you queue to check in, and do all sorts of formalities including most commonly showing picture ID, having your credit card…
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Clement Durand with his buddies Guillaume Girol (aka Bruce) and Leo Gaspard presenting the fruit of their….wait what? Stop-and-Wait?

It’s that time of the year: students at Ecole Polytechnique defending their 3A projects. Clement Durand (in the picture) with his buddies Guillaume Girol (aka Bruce) and Leo Gaspard presenting the fruit of their….wait what? Stop-and-Wait?    

Protocol Success and Failure: Jean-Louis rougier presenting RFC5218 evaluation of MPLS Polytechnique and ACN Masters students

Jean-Louis Rougier teaching Protocol Success for X14 & M1-ACN students

Jean-Louis Rougier, otherwise from Telecom-ParisTech, walking Polytechnique and Master-ACN (M1) students through MPLS details and demonstrating how to conducting a rigorous RFC5218 analysis.  

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