Paper: Stateless Load-Aware Load Balancing in P4

Together with my students, Benoit Pit–Claudel (X15) and Yoann Desmouceaux (X11), as well as my colleague Mark Townsley, and my good friend Pierre Pfister (X08), I have committed a paper entitled “Stateless Load-Aware Load Balancing in P4” — part of…
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Last Talk at today’s IoT and Cybersecurity mini-symposium by Gaetan Feige from Cisco France.

Gaetan touched on a great many topics, from the necessity for a company such as Cisco to engage with co-innovation, over the activities of the Cisco Paris Innovation and Research Laboratory (PIRL), through methodologies for co-innovation — and to a…
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Serge Chanchole Kicking Off the Last session of the IoT and Cybersecurity mini-symposium: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Co-Innocation

The final part of today’s symposium has “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Co-Innovation” as overarching theme, with Serge Chanchole, director of the Innovation Center at Ecole Polytechnique kicking off the afternoon by presenting the acceleration program for very early-stage startups. Also presenting…
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A talk by Francois Morain “WannaCry: a typical modern attack”

The 2nd talk after lunch at the IoT & Cybersecurity mini-symposium was by Francois Morain with “WannaCry: a typical modern attack” – including an interesting (historical) taxonomy of attacks Of course, Francois Morain could not resist either “Only those really old…
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