Yoann Desmouceaux

Last before lunch: Yoann Desmouceaux talking “Cloud Native Datacenters” at our IoT and Cybersecurity mini-symposium at Ecole Polytechnique

Reviewing state-of-the-art, and introducing our students to some of his own work on application-agnostic, stateless, load-aware load balancing using IPv6 Segment Routing.  

If only Slashdot used 6LB …

During my lunch break today, I tried to glean what “news for nerds – stuff that matters” had happened lately —  but, when trying to access slashdot.org, I was met with this: While I, admittedly, do not know what infrastructure…
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Paper on-line “SRLB: The Power of Choices in Load Balancing with Segment Routing”

In waiting for the final version to appear at IEEExplorer, and on (surprisingly) popular demand, a preprint of the paper “SRLB: The Power of Choices in Load Balancing with Segment Routing”, which Yoann presented at ICDCS’37 earlier this week, is on-line for your…
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On “The Power of Choices in Load Balancing with Segment Routing”

Today, and at this very moment (assuming that they stick to the agenda, and I did time-zone computations correctly), our own Yoann Desmouceaux (X11), along with Mark Townsley, are in Atlanta Georgia presenting the paper “SRLB: The Power of Choices in Load…
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Thus went 2016 – looking back


Back in late October, Mark Townsley and I had a conversation which went something like this: Mark: “I can’t believe it’s only November, given how much has already happened since the summer vacation…” Me: “And I can’t believe its already…
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