Cadrage Cours Exécutive MSc Cyber Promo #2

Dear Colleague,

Once again, I wanted to thank you for your colossal efforts with the course in the “tronc commun” in the Executive MSc in Cybersecurity.

Now that Promo-1 — the “promo pilote” — is well underway in their “specialisation”, it’s time to start thinking about this course for promo-2.

To this end, based on your experience with the “promo pilote”, I would like to have an informal exchange with you on how you see your course for its next iteration.

This is the place to take an appointment for that meeting

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The background for the meeting, as also included in the email.

Across almost all of the courses in the “tronc commun”, the participants appreciated the high quality of instructions (and, the instructors, who were all lauded for their competencies and availability) — however they also reflected two things:

    • The workload was higher than they had anticipated. A-minima, they would appreciate a clearer indication of the efforts required at the beginning of the course
    • In some circumstances, the workload was not as much “understanding the course material” but “doing the exercises” or even “Setting up the environment for being able to do the exercises”.

These two points were not raised specifically for your course, but was a general remark from the students to all the courses in the “tronc commun” — so I wanted to bring it to your attention, and to discuss that with you in case you had any great ideas (for your course, or in general)?

Further, I am working on a detailed “program guide” that I want to be able to give to the incoming Promo-2 in early November. The goal for this guide is that each student (and, their manager/company) so that they can both prepare mentally — and prepare their agendas. To that end, I am collecting the information for each course — yours included:

    • Learning Objectives, in the form “During this course, you will learn … ”
    • Key Technologies that the students will see, in the form of keywords
    • Course Format (asynchronous videos? Synchronous lectures? Q&A sessions? TPs? Case studies?…)
    • Time commitment for the course, in to total and also across the different activities (so that it is possible to know that, for example, while the total time commitment may be 18h/week that may be in form of 16h of“asynchronous” study that can be done whenever there’s a hole in the agenda, with just 2h that must be “penciled in and blocked).

And, finally, I would also appreciate to be able to include

    • Your photo and an 1-paragraph biography

Thank you in advance — and looking forward to seeing you soon,