Always a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo …

KEIO University, Delta building

…in the middle of a densely packed, and intense, 2-week visit to Japan. A short trip from Tokyo is the lush and green SFC campus of KEIO University — where I’m spending the afternoon visiting professor Rodney Van Meter and his colleagues and students (& learning an incremental bit more about the quantum communications).

This time around, the visit includes catching up with a couple of Ecole Polytechnique students who’re here, and are residing in the mythical Delta building at KEIO SFC: Clement Durand, who’s with Rodney as a research student for 6 months, and Pierre-Alexandre Thomas, who’s doing his Masters degree in Cybersecurity at KEIO University.

Also, one more thing I love about KEIO SFC is, that Eduroam WiFi by default hands out IPv6 addresses…

IPv6 at KEIO University

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