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Thank you 🙏 Serge Chanchole from X-Tech/X-Up, for hosting the Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education IoT program today

Very interesting to learn about the process “from idea to successful start-up”, as exemplified through numerous success-stories having gone through the Ecole Polytechnique Accelerator / Incubator program. To see the different prototyping and early-stage manufacturing facilities, available to accelerate and…
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Coming up in May: Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education certification program in IoT: Sign Up now!

The IoT – the Internet of Things – is among the focus areas at Ecole Polytechnique, and one where we offer various educational programs, as part of our (traditional, and very French) engineering curriculum, and as a 2 year international,…
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IoT Middleware at Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education

Last weekend (Friday/Saturday), “IoT Middlewares” were on the agenda for the the Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education certification program. On Friday,  my colleagues Jiazi Yi and Juan-Antonio Cordero Fuertes gave both an overview of, and hands-on exercises with, open-source IoT “systems”  and…
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